SCAE World Of Coffee – A Feat of Global Exhibition Logistics

WHILE working as one element in a network of international partnerships has undoubtedly been key in the success of Interflow Logistics, its track record as the official exhibition freight forwarder for events such as SCAE World of Coffee has also struck a resounding chord with exhibitors seeking out the most reliable and best freight forwarding companies.

The annual World of Coffee event organised by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) is such an occasion for Interflow Logistics. SCAE World Of Coffee was one of the most important shows for Interflow in 2016 in Dublin.

In fact, World of Coffee 2016 was, according to Interflow Logistics managing director Niall Thompson, the biggest and most important show in the company’s history, so come the time in the summer of 2017, Interflow shall be at the very top of its game for this incredible coffee showcase… this time in Budapest.

Video Source: Agent.Media

Despite swapping the banks of the Liffey for the banks of the Danube, for a host city some 2,330km and six States due east of the 2016 venue, which was, of course, on the relative comfort of Interflow’s home turf, it’s all grist to the mill of Interflow Logistics, which exists to solve the very issues that arise out of such challenges.

SCAE World of Coffee—taking place from June 13-15—will once again be a particularly bright feather in the cap of Interflow Logistics in the Irish company’s end of year review. In terms of exhibition freight logistics, few events are bigger, more exciting, or more complex than World of Coffee.

The first and primary challenge for Interflow Logistics is the exhibition space itself — 3,500 square metres of floor space, which will be populated at one time or another over the three days by at least 200 different exhibitors who are coming to Budapest from a trans-global smattering of new fewer than 90 countries.

The exhibitors are at the very cutting edge of their positions on the coffee supply and production chain, whether growers, roasters, exporters, equipment manufacturers, tableware suppliers, food producers and associated service providers and trade associations. They will be showcasing their latest innovations to more than 500 buyers from all over the world, so nothing can go wrong.

Interflow Logistics has excelled swiftly at ensuring the safe packaging, transport and delivery of exhibition materials by forging partnerships with the best freight forwarding companies in the world: well versed in the latest packaging and transportation techniques for expensive equipment that is very much a part of an exhibition of the prestige of World of Coffee, as well as experts in the numerous international customs protocols that must be observed to transport the freight across the states that lie between their client’s home bases and venue for the exhibition.

Niall Thompson has spoken of how critical customs can be in moving goods internationally: “When we started to take the business international, I soon learned that it was nearly impossible to get freight through customs without professional help, and there was a clear business opportunity there. That was a key factor when we began to establish Interflow Logistics as a one-stop shop for exhibitions.”

Of course, these relations with partners are two-way, and a huge part of Interflow Logistics’ work annually involves shipping freight on behalf of its international partners when they, in turn, act as the officially designated freight forwarders for some of the world’s most prestigious trade events, including Conexpo, USA; Mobile World Congress, Barcelona; Shot Show, Las Vegas; Boston Seafood, US; Med Lab, Dubai; Arab Health, Dubai; International Dental Show, Cologne; Paris Air Show; Compamed and Medica, Dusseldorf, and Beauty Dusseldorf.

Visit the Interflow Logistics website today and take your first steps in taking the headaches out of any logistical issues arising from your business’s attendance at exhibitions, at home or anywhere in the world.