About Interflow Logistics

We are the world’s leading exhibition freight forwarder and providers of project logistics in Ireland and beyond

Exhibition Freight Forwarders

Handling the logistics of an exhibition can be challenging and cumbersome if you attempt to handle it on your own. At Interflow, we take the load off your hands (literally) and streamline the process of shipping exhibition freight from pickup to delivery.

Our processes are dynamic, ever-evolving, and rely on innovative technology to deliver consistent, bespoke services to clients in Ireland and around the world. Whether you’re shipping exhibition freight for the first time or are a regular, we pick up the reins, letting you focus on other important aspects of a significant event.

Versatility Is Our Forte

No event is too big for us to handle. We’re proud of how our team can effortlessly adapt to unexpected and new circumstances while still delivering consistent results for clients worldwide. Interflow manages and coordinates event logistical processes across 28 countries (and counting). No matter where you are in the world, our tailored solutions are conveniently accessible.

The Interflow team have been appointed offical freight forwarder by major international trade fair organisers.

Project Logistics

Your days of waiting around for shipping quotations, paying for costly freight shipments, and scrambling to figure out what to do ends with Interflow. Finding a reliable freight forwarder to handle large-scale shipments can be difficult. You can count on us to help you decipher the nuances of freight-forwarding within Ireland and across the globe with transparent and cost-effective solutions.

Our logistics professionals adhere to fluid processes that streamline the movement of cargo from initiation to completion. Interflow’s freight-forwarding services include the transportation and lifting of sensitive, high-end, and discreet cargo for manufacturing, retail, healthcare, automotive, and engineering sectors, to name a few.

Our flawless track record is a testament to our unique, high-value services, refined approach, and attention to detail. Leave it to us to handle the nitty-gritty and complex aspects of relocating and transporting cargo, both big and small.

What We Do Best

Smooth logistics within Ireland and across borders

We cater to clients who wish to move exhibition cargo within Ireland and anywhere in the world. Interflow is also a leading provider of logistics and freight-forwarding services for customer goods, engineering equipment, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, and high-end machinery.

A robust fleet of regional and international carriers

Our specialists provide the best land, air, highway, and marine logistic solutions for the safe import and export of equipment, devices, machinery, medical commodities, and retail merchandise from point A to point B.

Sustainable and responsible freight-forwarding solutions

Our sustainability initiatives look out for the environment through every step of the freight-forwarding experience. We rely on highly ethical and disciplined solutions to minimize the carbon footprint of every shipment.

Dependable warehousing and storage solutions

Our on-ground personnel handle inventory and precious cargo with absolute care and attention. We improve your business’s inventory management and the movement of cargo to and from destinations with ease.

Efficient customs clearance

Interflow handles all documentation processes related to domestic and international shipping procedures. Our specialists always have an ear against the wall for the latest updates on changing policies and laws. We remove bottlenecks and ensure that regional and overseas shipments are never delayed.

Optimized tracking solutions and competitive pricing

Delivery timelines are based on the best viable routes to expedite cargo movement. As a result, lead time improves, and transportation hiccups are eliminated, as per your budget needs. Our tracking solutions help you stay on top of shipping timelines to help plan and optimize delivery schedules.

Our intuitive dashboard provides timely updates on upcoming, underway, and completed shipments. Delivery personnel can easily upload delivery proof documents and track shipping requests in real-time on the dashboard.

Domestic and International Markets We Serve

Interflow handles, monitors, and tracks shipments within Ireland and across borders with finesse. A winning combination of proprietary technology, industry know-how, and accountability make our specialists more than capable of taking on conventional and unconventional jobs.

Export Trade Shows and Events

Companies in Ireland that participate in international trade fairs and events need a reliable freight forwarder to move and monitor cargo overseas. Our team is well-versed with customs clearance regulations and can oversee the handling and storage of equipment and merchandise at every stage. This door-to-booth service handles cargo to and from a destination, ensuring everything is delivered and returned in pristine condition before and after an event.

Large-Scale Shows with Multiple Exhibitors

Hosting an international exhibition requires coordination with hundreds of exhibitors across the globe. Pulling this off alone can leave your teams burdened with cross-border customs, extensive shipment tracking, and unforeseen logistical challenges. Interflow takes these responsibilities off your hands by coordinating directly with exhibitors to ensure their cargo is safely transported within strict delivery timelines.

Regional Events

Event organizers and companies in Ireland can reach out to us to make that next show a raving success. We’ve hosted shows in premier locations across Ireland, such as the Convention Centre Dublin, the Royal Dublin Society, and Citywest Convention Centre.

Moving High-End Equipment, Devices, and Goods

We provide specialist-driven lifting, moving, and crating services to Irish export companies. At Interflow, you can rely on us for the delicate handling and packaging of capital assets for demanding sectors. Our reach extends to healthcare, pharma, engineering, semi-conductor, retail, and nutraceutical sectors, among others.