Exhibition delivery service

Interflow logistics are an experienced exhibition transport specialist who cater for a comprehensive range of event logistics services.

Below is a detailed description of our trade show transportation/ exhibition logistics service.

Pre-Event Planning

Preparation of shipping instructions –

Preparation of trade show transportation instructions for the exhibitor manual.

Logistical Planning –

Pre-event contact with the Event Manager and Traffic Department in order to plan the most reliable and cost effective event transport services such as customs clearance, and site handling arrangements, for organisers, their exhibitors and the exhibition itself.

Full Documentation –

Precise instructions given for exact documentation requirements for exhibition transport. This includes assistance with any unique documentary requirements (carnets, legalizations, etc).

Case Marking –

Clear labelling as destination requirements.

Pricing –

Interflow will provide round trip quotations to event transport services clients and their exhibitors upon request for budgeting purposes.

Foreign Government Approval Requirements –

Event Manager to be made aware of any regulations imposed by host country, including requirements for both temporary and permanent importation.

Insurance –

Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage, throughout the duration of your events/tours.


Pick up Arrangements –

Arrangement of pick up from shipper’s door including inland carrier to gateway.

Route Planning –

Planning of cargo routing based on best service / value for transit requirement and booking of cargo with carrier.

Cargo Tracking and Tracing –

Cargo tracking and tracing from shippers door to exhibition venue floor with follow up at all key transit benchmarks to include: Confirmation of pick up. Confirmation of transfer to air/ground carrier. Confirmation of movement through journey. Confirmation that shipment is on hand destination. Confirmation that shipment is customs cleared. Confirmation that shipment is out for delivery to venue. Confirmation that shipment is delivered.

Outbound customs fulfilment –

(export clearance, Carnet validation, etc).

Shipment pre notification –

Sent to the clearing agent at the time of shipment – conveying copies of all necessary documents, contact information for installation crew, special handling requirement, and target delivery dates. Courier of any original documents required by official or host country.


Customs Clearance –

Arrange customs clearance for temporary or permanent importation, posting of bonds, carnet validation.

Inbound traffic handling –

Follow up with Airlines ,Ocean Carriers, and on Site Agent, to assure timely turnover of cargo, dispatch of trucker, and coordination of delivery to venue floor.

Equipment Planning –

Pre-schedule required equipment for cargo handling with Exhibitors and on site supervision of move in. Provide sufficient loading and unloading of equipment as well as qualified operators and labour for clients and their exhibitors using Interflow trade show logistics services. To provide suitable storage for empty cases during event, as well as labour to store and retrieve them for and their Exhibitors. Manning of service desk during event to: assist exhibitors with freight and material handling issues, process work orders, and take outbound disposal instructions.

Site Labour- Storage- Empties facilitation –

In coordination with appointed decorator or venue labour for and exhibitors using Interflow exhibition logistics Services.

Site or Venue Visits –

To conduct interviews on site to obtain disposal/outbound shipping instructions.


Taking of outbound shipping/disposal instructions –

Coordination of return of empties to venue with dismantlement crew.

Outbound traffic handling –

Follow up with our site agent to coordinate pick up from venue floor and transfer to port/airport. Export customs clearance, including cancelling of temporary import bonds for items entered under temporary import. Documentation preparation for export. Completion of export documents. Transmission of documents and alerting to clearing agent of exhibitor. Customs clearance through our brokerage operation. Arrangement and follow up of delivery.

Billing –

In accordance with tariff established for the event.

Account Queries & Reporting –

Account information and reporting can be provided via hard copy reports, electronically, or through web access.



  • Transport services via air, ocean and road
  • International shipment Coordination
  • Customs Brokerage – Temporary Imports, ATA Carnet.
  • On site customer support
  • Unloading and reloading to and from stand
  • Specialist lifting, handling and positioning on-site
  • Collection, storage and return of empty cases
  • On-Site Labour
  • Choice of transport depending on timescale and cargo specification
  • Express dedicated vehicles and Charter movements
  • Door-to-booth service
  • Post event disposal and return shipping

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