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  • Interflow Logistics Ltd, Air Freight Office, Blakes Cross, Lusk, Co. Dublin K45 WY42. Ireland

  • +353 (0) 1 685 3845


  • Interflow Logistics Ltd, Dublin Airport Central, Office No. 118, Spaces 1st Floor Building Two, Dublin Airport, Swords, K67 E2H3

  • +353 (0) 87 764 3970

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Interflow is the pioneer of freight-forwarding services and project logistics in Ireland and across the world. Our formidable fleet of air, land, road, and ocean freight carriers makes it easy to ship, move, and relocate critical and time-sensitive consignments.

We understand the sensitive nature of moving high-value and delicate shipments between national and international ports. Our team of experienced logistics professionals takes the time to put together the perfect quotation based on the best available cost-effective options. Your expectations, ideas, and requests are taken into careful consideration when we devise tailored solutions with desirable outcomes.

At Interflow, we go out of our way to ensure shipments are moved, dissembled, lifted, stored, and transported in industry-grade packaging aboard world-class air, land, road, and ocean freight carriers. Our processes are expertly managed and handled by reliable customs clearance agents, engineers, and mechanics.

When you let Interflow take the lead on a project, you have nothing to worry about. Our team is happy to take exhibition and project logistics responsibilities off your hands so you can focus on more pressing business matters.

Get in touch so we can discuss the details of that next project.