Interflow is a trusted authority for the transportation of exhibition equipment.

Exhibition Logistics

Interflow is a trusted authority for the transportation of exhibition equipment, with a robust fleet of freight carriers that handle loading, lifting, and shipping consignments with unmatched efficiency. We provide a vast array of logistics services at every stage of an event.

Ground, Air, and Ocean Freight Carriers

Imagine if your team didn’t have to spend time scouring for carriers, following up on shipment schedules, or hurrying to complete customs paperwork. Instead, investing that time and energy in expanding your business could significantly improve your bottom line.

Interflow provides flexible freight carrier solutions that deliver timely shipments, great service, and reliability. Our team is proficient in overseeing, managing, and designating the right carrier to meet your import and export needs.

What Sets Interflow Apart

Our team is always ready and willing to come up with alternative solutions to counter unforeseen changes in the weather or customs clearance procedures. At Interflow, we are prepared to tackle disruptions by offering the next best option. We offer bespoke carrier freight solutions by relying on our worldwide network to get your goods where they need to be as promptly as possible.

Freight Carrier Options

European Road Freight

We provide groupage and full-load trailer delivery services throughout Europe. Our intercity trucking services can deliver fragile palletised and loose carton cargo loads within 48 to 72 hours to and from main European cities. For Central European cities, our delivery timelines range from 72 to 96 hours.

Global Air Freight

For time-sensitive shipments, we handle global air cargo across six continents. Our premium quality air carriers ensure that every consignment is packed, loaded, and docked on time to meet tight delivery timelines. Choose between Priority, Standard, and Economy air carriers to safely get your goods to and from the port of destination.

Ocean Freight

Our ocean freight carriers are scheduled to pick up partial or full-load consignments to and from Asian, US American, Canadian, Australian, and Latin American markets. Regular weekly departures ensure that goods can be moved to and from destination ports without delays.

Our services include the following options:

  • 40-foot standard and high cube containers
  • LCL part load consolidation
  • Labelling and/or quality check
  • Breakbulk, cross-docking, and national distribution

Our line of competitive transportation logistics solutions can help you import and export goods to grow your business, establish cross-border client relationships, and support your expansion endeavours. Leave it to us to give you the best possible quotation and pricing models.

ATA Carnets and Temporary Imports or Exports

Interflow eliminates roadblocks involved in the temporary import or export of commercial goods to and from an eligible country. As of now, there are roughly 80 countries that allow the use of an ATA Carnet.

What is an ATA Carnet?

An ATA Carnet or ‘merchandise passport’ is an internationally accepted document that allows companies or individuals to temporarily import or export certain goods without duty or value-added taxes on the items being moved. This saves you the hassle of going through customs regulations of the country you’re planning on moving the temporary goods into. An ATA Carnet simplifies the process by providing a single document to clear certain goods. It holds a one-year validity and lets an importer enter and exit eligible countries multiple times.

ATA Carnets are issued by the Dublin Chamber and approved by the Irish Customs Authorities for incoming goods.

Which Goods Are Covered Under ATA Carnets?

Commercial samples, professional equipment, and items related to the setup and execution of exhibitions and fairs are eligible for temporary import and export. Items such as computers, AV equipment, sporting gear, cameras, automobiles, industrial machinery, electronics, work apparel, jewellery, gems, tools, and certain advertising gear are among the most common items moved with an ATA Carnet.

Can an ATA Carnet Be Extended?

Yes, it can. An issued ATA Carnet can be renewed for another 12 months before its expiration date. Known as a ‘replacement carnet,’ the new document’s approval lies with the customs administration of the foreign country.

During these uncertain times due to Brexit and with many experiencing issues around customs clearance, ATA Carnets provide many practical advantages:

  • Simplifies customs procedures, allowing temporary exporters to rely on one document for all customs-related tasks
  • Duties, VAT (value-added taxes), securities, and the need for a Temporary Importation Under Bond (TIB) are conveniently eliminated in most cases
  • Allows businesses and individuals to enter and leave countries with eligible goods for up to a year
  • Bringing goods back to a home country is hassle-free and uncomplicated
  • Potential clearance delays and red tape are avoided

How Is An ATA Carnet Used in the EU?

For an ATA Carnet to be discharged correctly, the relevant vouchers must be stamped on leaving the EU, on entry to the destination country, when leaving the destination country, and upon return to the EU. As the respective customs authority stamps and removes individual vouchers from the ATA Carnet they also stamp a counterfoil. On return to Ireland, the ATA Carnet needs to be returned to the issuing authority. Security deposits or bank guarantees, if any, are released on presenting these stamped counterfoils as evidence.

You can ensure smooth entry and exit to and from your destination country with an ATA Carnet. Leave the formalities in our hands. To find out more, contact us at or call us on +353 01 6853845.

Exhibition Logistics

Interflow is a trusted authority for the transportation of exhibition equipment, with a robust fleet of freight carriers that handle loading, lifting, and shipping consignments with unmatched efficiency. We provide a vast array of logistics services at every stage of an event.

Pre-Event Planning

  • Updating trade show transportation instructions in the exhibitor manual (a detailed document shared by an exhibitor)
  • Contacting the event manager and traffic department to design cost-effective transport services, which include customs clearance and site-handling arrangements
  • Providing instructions on the documents needed to complete important transport services paperwork
  • Assisting organisers or exhibitors with procuring critical documents such as ATA Carnets, licences, and other legal papers
  • Labelling consignments and packages as per destination regulations
  • Providing exhibitors with round-trip quotations in advance for smooth budgeting
  • Sharing regulations and requirements of the destination country with exhibitors for permanent or temporary imports
  • Providing adequate insurance coverage for the duration of an event or tour

Trade Show Transportation and Shipment Coordination

  • Arranging for pickup from the shipper’s location through our inland point intermodal (IPI) network to chosen gateways or hubs
  • Planning the best cargo route based on the transit requirements of the organiser or exhibitor and booking the most cost-effective freight carrier solution
  • Providing tracking details to the exhibitor from when a consignment leaves the shipping destination to when it arrives at the exhibition venue. From confirmation of pickup to alerts on transfer via air or ground carrier and details on movement to customs clearance updates, all critical details are actively shared until the shipment reaches its destination
  • Handling export clearance, legal paperwork procedures, and ATA Carnet validations throughout a consignment’s journey
  • Sharing important documents, the contact information of the installation crew, special handling instructions, and delivery timelines with the clearing agent or broker at the time of shipment
  • Couriering original documents in advance if required by the host country

Exhibition Site Support

  • Handling customs clearance on temporary and permanent imports
  • Following up with our freight carrier partners and on-site agent to ensure timely deliveries and dispatches to the exhibition venue
  • Assigning on-site professionals to handle and supervise the movement of cargo as it is offloaded and arranged on-site
  • Providing suitable storage for empty cases and assigning crew members to retrieve them after an event
  • Providing manning services during an event to assist exhibitors with handling equipment, processing work orders, and outbound disposals
  • Assigning crew members to work with appointed decorators and venue labour to ensure equipment is handled and stored with care
  • Coordinating with our on-ground agent to conduct an on-site evaluation to obtain disposal or outbound shipping instructions

Return Shipments

  • Coordinating with our on-site crew to return empties and dismantle exhibition equipment for the return shipment
  • Coordinating with the exhibitor on pickup instructions for return shipments via ground or air freight carriers
  • Handling all documentation related to customs clearance, cancelling of import bonds for temporary imports, and export paperwork. The clearing agent of the exhibitor is alerted, and all documents are provided in advance as well as delivery timelines
  • Sharing with the exhibitor the billing with the necessary tariffs
  • Providing account information and reports as hard or soft copies

Services we provide as part of our exhibition logistics:

  • Transport services via air, ocean, and road
  • International shipment coordination
  • Customs brokerage for temporary imports and ATA Carnets, among others
  • On-site customer support
  • Unloading and reloading to and from exhibition venues
  • Specialist lifting, handling, and positioning on-site
  • Collection, storage, and return of empty cases
  • On-site labour
  • Choice of transport, depending on the delivery timeline and cargo specifications
  • Dedicated express vehicles and charter movements
  • Door-to-booth services
  • Post-event disposal and return shipping

Interflow can help you pull off a smooth exhibition by focusing on large aspects of the event planning process. Let our team assist with the nuances of shipping exhibition equipment to and from your port of destination across the world. Contact us at or call us on +353 01 6853845 and let’s talk.