The current Brexit scenario is presenting a number of custom clearance challenges for those importing and exporting goods between the EU and the UK. When it comes to temporary imports or exports however, a document called an A.T.A Carnet can offer a more trouble free way of doing this.

Here are 5 reasons to consider using an A.T.A Carnet for your next temporary import or export;

  1. Fast, trouble-free importation & exportation as they replace the need for usual customs documentation
  2. Permits tax free and duty free temporary export & import of goods as it acts like a passport goods and international customs document
  3. Reduces costs due to the savings incurred by eliminating duties, taxes, VAT and securities
  4. Easier border entries, or exits which brings certainty and less customs interventions
  5. Reduces customs red tape and clearance delays and returning your goods to your home country is more straightforward

Interflow is a logistics provider who can take the hassle out of temporary imports and exports by assisting with your A.T.A Carnet application, if you are looking to export goods temporarily from the county of issue to another country. Find out more here

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