Interflow Logistics sets course for Compamed & Medica trade fair

INTERFLOW Logistics will once again play a key role in ensuring Irish firms can take their place on the global business stage, at MEDICA Trade Fair and Compamed, the world’s largest medical device and supply trade showcase in Düsseldorf next month.

The top decision-makers in the global healthcare business will converge on the Messe Düsseldorf conference centre from Monday November 14th – Thursday 17th for the MEDICA Trade Fair 2016, once again running concurrently and in parallel with the medical technology suppliers’ trade fair COMPAMED.

Interflow Logistics will be handling all exhibition freight for Irish companies attending these two events, which together constitute a global landmark in healthcare business networking and product showcasing.

Together the two events constitute a showcase and focal point for some of the latest advances in medical devices and technology. The expertise of Interflow Logistic in handling the most sensitive technological items—in addition to all of the other freight handling and forwarding requirements required for exhibitions—makes Interflow Logistics the name to call upon in this area. Indeed, 2016 marks the fifth year that Interflow has handled all freight for Irish companies attending the events.

The attendance levels at last year’s events alone give a clue to the scale of logistics and organisation involved.

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A record-breaking 18,800 visitors attended last year’s COMPAMED, while a gargantuan total of 130,000 specialist visitors from 120 countries toured both the MEDICA and COMPAMED events.

This year, upwards of 5,000 exhibitors from 70 countries are scheduled to attend MEDICA, while approximately 800 exhibitors will be showcasing their products at the 25th COMPAMED.

Visitors to COMPAMED alone can expect to see the very latest in microsystem technology solutions for mobile diagnosis, monitoring and therapy systems, including smart sensors and energy storage systems for use in ‘wearables’.

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Together, MEDIA and COMPAMED represent the entire process chain and the full range of medical products, devices and instruments.

MEDICA is noted for a range of amazing conferences which fully explore the significant trends in medical technology represented on the exhibition stands. The include the MEDICA Medicine & Sports Conference, and the MEDICA Education Conference.

Under the latter heading, each of the conference’s four days will be dominated by a particular thematic focus, including ‘new operative techniques’, ‘imaging and interventional procedures’, ‘future technologies for internal medicine’, and ‘diagnostics in internal medicine, laboratory medicine, toxicology and hygiene’.

Advance notice on the conferences makes it clear that digitisation is a ‘mega trend’ that has reached medical technology, and so will have huge implications for everyone attending the event, both exhibitors and visitors.

The German Medical Association wrote last month: “Digitisation can help diseases to be detected earlier, the duration of hospital stays to be reduced, and people’s mobility to be extended with the aid of tele-medicine, apps or care robots.”

The MEDICA Medicine & Sports Conference, too, is set to be a highlight of the events at Messe Düsseldorf this November, with presentation from top experts exploring the future of sports medicine.

As the freight forwarder for Irish companies attending the events, Interflow Logistics will be taking the stress out of the logistics of handling the delivery of delicate and advanced technological instruments, as well as receiving, handling international customs, and other requests during the conference.

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