A.T.A Carnets & Temporary Imports/Exports


Interflow is a logistics provider who can take the hassle out of temporary imports and exports by assisting with your A.T.A Carnet application, if you are looking to export goods temporarily from the county of issue to another country.

An A.T.A. Carnet is used for the temporary importation and exportation of certain goods and is limited to importations of Commercial samples, International trade fair exhibits, and Professional equipment.

A.T.A. Carnets are issued by Dublin Chamber and approved by the Irish Customs Authorities. During these uncertain times influenced by Brexit and many experiencing issues around custom clearance,  A.T.A. carnets can have many practical advantages;

  1. They replace the need for usual customs documentation and allows fast, trouble free importation
  2. They allow easier border entries, or exits which brings certainty and less customs interventions
  3. It can act like a passport for goods and is an international customs document that permits tax free and duty free temporary export & import of goods
  4. In many cases, costs are reduced by eliminating duties, taxes, VAT and securities
  5. A reduction in customs red tape and potential clearance delays are avoided
  6. You can visit more than one country
  7. Can be used for several trips during the one year term
  8. Returning your goods to your home country is more straightforward

In order for an A.T.A Carnet to be discharged correctly the relevant vouchers must be stamped on leaving the EU, on entry to the destination country, on leaving the destination country and on return to the EU. As each voucher is stamped and removed from the carnet by the customs authority a counterfoil is also stamped which remains in the carnet. On return to Ireland the carnet is returned to the issuing authority where the stamped counterfoils are used as evidence to release any security deposit or bank guarantee held.

Our dedicated and experienced team can help take you through this process and ensure that your goods get where they need to go, in a trouble free manner. To find out more contact us at OPS@INTERFLOW.IE