Whilst the promised effects of Brexit have not yet made their full impact, we want to be ready for when this does happen. The 31st of December is fast approaching and there is a little window of time left for everybody to get their house in order, when it comes to the impact of Brexit on freight services and custom clearance.

Over the past year, Interflow have increased our capabilities, with a particular focus in custom related activities and the impact of Brexit for smooth custom clearance between ROI and GB.

Goods moving between ROI and the EU will continue to be in Free Circulation. There will be no border checks, no customs declarations and no tariffs for goods moving directly between ROI and the rest of the EU.

With these developments, we can ensure new and existing customers, that their cargo will be kept on the move, in a confident way.


  1. Extensive staff training: we have ensured every single member of the team has had the training required to develop the right skills necessary to deal with all possible Brexit scenarios for our clients.
  2. The best custom experience promised: although we are faced with new customs procedures between ROI and GB, our new processes and knowledge can ensure uninterrupted delivery of cargo and smooth custom clearance.
  3. Seamless transport mechanisms in place: our transport mechanisms by ground, air or ocean will ensure easy import and export between ROI and GB.
  4. Expanded custom services: whilst we have always strived to offer a premium and reliable custom clearance service, we wanted to ensure we continue to provide this, regardless of Brexit. Therefore, we have invested in the right personnel, training and systems to ensure we provide a trusted service for all current and future customers.
  5. On-hand custom advisory service: although we are not providing a customs broker service to solve all Brexit related issues for the industry, our expert team are able to advice or guide our clients about sending deliveries to the UK. If you are exporting or importing between ROI and GB and you would like Interflow to act on your behalf for customs clearance, please request a Power of Attorney form from ops@interflow.ie

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