Interflow provides industry-leading crates certified by the National Standards of Ireland (NSAI).

Superior Export and International Crates

Our crates hold the ISPM15 international stamp of approval. We ensure that goods are packed securely in quality, industry-grade crates that meet national and international shipping regulations.

  • Items that need protection from moisture and humidity during shipping are first packaged with care before they’re placed in crates
  • Our crates are a safe option for shipping sensitive consignments and a protective solution to keep perishables and fragile shipments safe during transit and long periods of storage

Specialised Crates and Materials with Top-Notch Packing Services

  • Bespoke wooden crates and cases that serve a diverse range of needs for different market sectors
  • Wooden bases for stable loading and stacking of crates
  • On-site packing by professional packers to ensure nothing is left to chance
  • Bespoke made-to-measure, weatherproof pallet boxes for easy transportation of bulky goods
  • Environmental vacuum-sealed barrier bags to protect sensitive goods from the elements
  • Vibration isolation bases to stabilise the transport of delicate and fragile equipment and goods
  • Container loading and stowing services to ensure all consignments are safely hauled onto loading and unloading vehicles and freight carriers
  • We extend service flexibility to our clients to meet specific freighting, storage, and complete factory relocation needs

Tailor-Made Specifications As Per Client Briefs

Interflow’s crates, cases, and bases are constructed per your specifications, design, and manufacturing needs. Our team of experienced engineers can replicate your expectations for a fuss-free shipping experience. Rest assured that payment structures are discussed and finalised as per the best pricing methods before orders are implemented.

Interflow provides full-service forklift, container loading, packaging, and storage services at our facilities and warehouses. We cater to an extensive range of market sectors such as:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor
  • Aerospace
  • Medical equipment
  • Engineering products
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Food processing
  • Customer goods
  • Retail
  • Trade show and exhibition equipment, stalls, and stage setups

Interflow understands the delicate nature of transporting goods between origin and destination ports. Leave it to us to carefully pack, store, and transport your capital assets in the best way possible. Contact us at or call us on +353 01 6853845 and let’s discuss the details.