Event & Exhibition Logistics for the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering

Interflow Logistics were chosen as the main event and exhibition logistic provider by the main International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) exhibitor to provide advance and post event warehousing and delivery for all exhibition, and sponsorship materials. Customs clearance was also required and to put in place a system with 100% accountability for same.

The Challenge

  • Strict time schedule for delivery, and collection of materials was required as the venue had other events running before and after ISPE.
    Set-up and dismantle time between events was limited.
  • The venue had been recently renovated, great care was required to move large and heavy crates over flooring and through narrow doorways without use of forklifts.
  • It was also required to collect, record, and store off venue, all the empty packaging. This had to be returned promptly to stands at close of ISPE event for repacking before collection of shipments could be completed.

The Outcome

  • 100% success rate on deliveries to the hotel in a timely manner.
  • Exhibition empty packaging were returned and all return shipments via Interflow warehouse removed from venue without tight schedule to clear way for next vent.
  • Each client was kept informed and up to date of progress, and many thank-you comments were received about the project manager onsite and efficiency of team.
  • The hotel was elated with the service we provided to their client / organiser and consequently shared a glowing recommendation post event to confirm our services had been an overwhelming success.

Pre-event planning

Interflow Logistics engaged with the ISPE exhibitors from an early point in the planning of logistics for this event. All enquiries were managed by two experienced team leaders in order to expedite enquiries and find best options for each exhibitors’ requirements to provide a tailored service experience.
A manifest was created from orders and pre-alerts so that each shipment could be checked on arrival, and then each shipment of exhibition material was given a unique reference and the client was notified of receipt date, and number of pieces.

The Delivery

On the day of ISPE 2019 build-up, the material in warehouse was again checked against manifest and loaded to the trucks for delivery. Material was unloaded at site by experienced staff and placed at each of the relevant clients’ booths.

Proof of delivery receipts (POD) were completed and signed for where the stand was attended by an exhibiting company representative, photographs were taken were stands were as yet unattended. The relevant PODs were sent by email to the contact that placed order at each exhibiting company.

Once exhibitors had completed stand build and decoration, the empty material was collected, measured, labelled and manifested for storage at our warehouse, of-site from venue to comply with the venue’s health and safety regulations.


Empty packages were returned at event close time for exhibitors to repack, and labels provided to each for onward shipping to return address or return to warehouse for collections by own carrier. A separate post-event manifest was created, and the trucks were reloaded quickly as the hotel venue had an event waiting to build up in same hall.

On return to our warehouse the shipments were separated according to shipping requirements, each shipment package was checked, weighed and measured and where required for non-EU a commercial invoice was checked against contents with exhibitor. Return shipping was arranged and any exhibitors that wished to arrange own shipment was provided with accurate package weights, dimensions and a reference number for driver to quote on collection.

As each shipment was collected or exported the references were checked against our manifest and package labels before leaving warehouse, the client was notified of collection and where relevant was provided with tracking details, copies of transport documents and an estimated date of delivery.


“The logistics company which ISPE used for the transportation of their event materials were absolutely excellent.
The Interflow team were so organised and courteous while on site and are by far and away the best company in this regard that I have ever had dealings with. All in all, they delivered pallets of goods and you would not have known the way they conducted their business. As a result, we never had any issues with storage or anything or any issues at all. Even now, post event with collections, they are very prompt and efficient and are even taking pallets and rubbish which belong to the conference (I have never seen this). This was a great help especially with two conferences back to back and a quick turnaround”

Barry Keyes, Procurement Manager of Clayton Hotel Burlington Road, Dublin